Feel good when somebody miss you.
Feel better when somebody love you
but it feels best when somebody never forget you… Like me!
Hud! Chuu..u   Hud! Chuu..u
Someone tell me if i sneeze for 2 times, it has someone is missing, aren’t you?
การคิดถึงกัน ก็เหมือนน้ำเปล่า ถึงจะไม่มีรสชาติ แต่ก็ขาดไม่ได้
When you feel lonely, just look at the spaces between your fingers,
remember thatin those spaces you can see my fingers locked with your FOREVER…
Not a special reason,
Not an importance day,
I just want to say "Miz u and take care"
รักจัง ห่วงจัง แคร์จัง คิดถึงจัง เธอไม่ได้ชื่อจัง อย่ายิ้มสิ…
10 msgs 2 you
1. What r you doing?
2. Can I help you?
3. How r u?
4. Hopw you r fine.
5. Take care urself
6. Keep smiling
7. When you happy = I happy
8. Miss you much
9. care you
10 G’day
If Time slips away without a WoRD from Me,
u don’t have 2 worry about our FRiENDSHiP
bcoz FEELiNGS beyond WoRDS will always keep me around You!!!
คิดถึงคนไกล ห่างไปจึงห่วงหา
If you miz me close youe eye…
and feel the wine around u and ——> I will b there
Saying good night doesn’t mean saying "Go To Bed"
it has a silent message saying "I miss u before i go to bed!"
Yesterday: I was your FRIEND
Today: I’m still your FRIEND dont’ worry about
Tomorrow: I’ll always be your FRIEND!
That is a promise forever FRIENDS
Pick one star from sky pray with the moon
to protect & taking care of you and whisper by the cool wind that,
Tonight someone is wishing u to have a nice dream
I may be out of reach
out of sight
but I’ll always touch your heart
be praying&hoping that u’ll always be all right.


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