✿*゚¨゚✎Nice MSG (จากพี่นาตาลี สุดสวย)✿*゚¨゚✎

We may have different dream.   
U follow yours, I follow mine.  
But along the journey,  
we’ll stay beside.  
And at the end,  
we’ll be together…forever  
   Just 3 words to tell u.… I miss U…
   Just 2 words to wish u… Good luck …
   Just 1 word to let u keep in mind.… love…
   from my heart
No beautiful picture …  
No wonderful song …  
No sweet poem …  
My MSG isn’t valueable,  
I just hope that my simple "Hi"  
can make U smile & feel good  
   Only you I need…
   Only sweet you are…
   Only star you be…
   Only me love you…
When I don’t send sms to u,  
it’s don’t mean I forget about u.  
I was just giving u time to miss me.  
   If x+y+z= I miss u
   a+b+c = u miss me
   so x+y+z > a+b+c
   because I miss u more than u miss me
   (",) … 3 baths is important for me
   but u important more.
 Sometimes i forget to say "Hi"  
and sometmes i even missed to "Reply"  
But it doesn’t mean that u were forgotten  
coz u r always in my mind….  
   Though I don’t see You,
   though we have
   L talks
   E hellos
   S stories
   S greetings
   always remember my CARES
   will never be LESS!
If u hungry, u can eat yentafo.  
If u feel cold, u can hug somebody.  
If u feel bored, u can set ur spirit free.  
But if u feel lonly, u can miss me anytime.  
  Life consists in
  what a man is thinking of all day.
  But never let yesterday use up
  too much of today.
  A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
Knock out sale!   
"Kid Tung" 15%,  
"Haung Yai" 20%,  
"Kham Lang Jai" 50%,  
Wait wait!  
but now if y have a big smile  
get all free forever ja.  
   I  H-A-T-E  You
   H = happy to see you.
   A= always miss you.
   T = take you in my mind
   E=everyday never forget u
   so i really want 2 say " I  H-A-T-E  U"
I’m feeling happy.  
U know why?  
Coz i’m lucky.  
U know why?  
Coz God loves me.  
U know why?  
Coz he send a specail person 4 me.  
U know who?  
   Many words v say..
   Many songs v sing..
   Many things v do..
   Many place v go..
   Many people v meet..
   Every piece of this world
   makes U and Me b what v r
   F – r – i – e – n – d.

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4 Responses to ✿*゚¨゚✎Nice MSG (จากพี่นาตาลี สุดสวย)✿*゚¨゚✎

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