Let’s decorate your suitcase.

I got weekend(Sat and Sun) off from work! Didn’t get it for long time!
So I decided to decorate my suitcase. I like something unique, so if I couldn’t make it myself, I have to decorate it.
Look at my decorated suitcase. Cute?
Don’t know when I can use it, might be a long time…. But I proud to see it.
P.S. : ~ T A R N ~ W h e n  w i l l  y o u  b a c k  h o m e ?
I need personal shopping-helper. Didn’t have any dress for my friend wedding yet.
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One Response to Let’s decorate your suitcase.

  1. Meriem says:

    how did you do that? I really need to update my ugly suitcase, and i need some ideas. thnx

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