King’s English Camp Oct ’05

King’s College of English Summer Camp, October 2005
17-19 Oct 2005 @ Greenery Resort, Nakornrachasrima.
Theme : Happy Halloween
75 students with 6 teachers (Matthew(DOS), Simon, David Wolf, Deborah, Dan, Sarah) and 10 Thai staffs.
17 Oct – Leaving from School at 8.00, we reached Greenery Resort about noon so we had lunch then started to grouping all student in to 5 groups for each teachers and each Thai assistances. Then we started 5 English activities arranged by all teachers. Then we went to play "Paint-ball" and "Nano-bike". So exciting! We had dinner at 18.00 then went to play bowling, so funny! We went back to sleep about 9.00.
18Oct – Activities all day. First start with English game, finding teacherThen we did activities rock climbing and Tunder Hawk. Wow! I couldn’t believe a lot of little girl did very well. Then we had lunch and did more activities with the teachers. In the afternoon, we went to play Zorb Ball which was very fun. Then everybody dressed with halloween costumes for party. Each group did performances show, got a special show from staff, after that everybody danced together.
19Oct – In the morning after breakfast, we had an activity and gave all the students their certificates. Then we had lunch and packed all stuffs for backing to Bangkok. We left there about noon then visited ChokChai farm and then back to school.
I took a lot of photos from this camp (about 900 pixs) , as my duty was photographers.
I was happy to see all student smiling and laughing. 
Thank you for giving me a chance.
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