Nagoya Trip 18 – 27 Aug 2005

I went to Japan, Nagoya for 1 week.
18 Aug. (Thu) Departured from Bangkok
11.00 We had problem about P’ Tee ticket. Something missing, so Sensei
had to buy new ticket for him, then the flight had been delayed for 1hr. because the rain. Everybody still exciting to spend time together.

-19 Aug. (Fri) Arrived Day.
8.30 We arrived about 1 hr. late. Japanese staffs (Suzuki-san tachi) took
us to visit Nagoya office, then go to Mihama Youth Center. We went to the beach to play traditional Japanese game. (Watermelon hitting game) So funny. The weather was hot as Thailand. In evening, we have more friends from Taiwan, I, Heng and Oh had to share room with them (Vivi, Ann and Rudy). I would like to talk with them, but I can not speak Chinese and also they can’t speak English and Japanese. So I just smile to them. ^-^ We had a great time in greeting party with them that night, we played game, sang and drank. 

20 Aug  (Sat) Taspony study.
In the morning, we had Taspony class. We learned about how to play the g
ame. In the afternoon, we went to play the game at sport center. Then we had paper test at 8.00 pm., before that I,Heng and Nu went to the beach to see firework (Natsu Hanabi Matsuri-summer firework festival). So beautiful! Then we had test, so confuse about the test, it’s in Japanese language, we couldn’t understand the question. But Kato-san, Yamakuchi-san helped us so much. Thank you -Arigato gozaimasu)

21 Aug (Sun) Taspony Aikai (The 1st International Taspony Tournament)
We went to Tokoname gymnasium. Almost of us had to play competition
with Japanese teams. So exciting, in my opionion all japanese teams play so well, we just beginner. But it’s a good experience. Then in the evening we had party with the Taspony players.  We dressed in Thai style, watched some good shows, took a lot of photos.

22 Aug (Mon) Homestay.
Today, we have to stay with Host family, in the morning, Eak (Thai
student who study in Nagoya) guide us to visit Osu (look like Jatujak in Bangkok) and went to see temple nearby. Then back to separate in pair to stay with host. We went on the train to Tokoname where our hosts are. My host and the others house is near each others, so we had Babecue-Q party. I was so glad that my group is P’moo, P’ Toh, P’nui, P’na they are so lovely and friend and also very funny. In party we had 4 Taiwan (I think they might stay near by us, too.) joined as well.

23 Aug (Tue) Kyoto sight-seeing.
We left Tokoname, get in the Bus to Kyoto. It take about 2 hours from
Nagoya to Kyoto. All Thai, Philippine and Taiwan went together in big bus. We visited the oldest temple with in the mountain, very beautiful. Then we go to Kinkakuji palace. Yamakuchi-san took us to eat ramen.Tonight we stay at View Aichi Women’s centre.
24 Aug (Wed) Aichi Expo 2005.
We went on the subway, train, skytrain to the expo. So many people did
the same, reached there about 11.00. We separated group to 4 for visiting 4 pavilion in loop. In my group so glad, I got P’Toh (which is my favourite sis in this trip) and sensei, 1 pair of brothers Taiwanese (which I never ever talk to), and Tony (Taiwan’s group leader), 2 Philippinos. I was so lucky that my group had 1 girl (Megumi-chan) the only Japanese people I could talk on that day. We visit Singapore, Korea, JR and Japanese electronic company’s pavilions with I like the most. In this 4 Pavilion, we got through like VIP guess, so don’t have to spend time in the line waiting to get in. So lucky! Then after 3 pm., we separate group and spend free time, I, Heng and Oh were together, we went to USA and another pavilions, time pass so quick. It was 8 pm, we left the Expo, I would like to have more time there, a lot of interesting thing to see.

25 Aug (Thu) Free day Nagoya sight-seeing.
Philippine left at 6 am. Taiwan went to Y.M.C.A. then left in the evening. Today, Eak took Thai group to shopping in center of Nagoya (Nagoya
station) I, Heng and Nu went with Heng’s old host family. (Hattori-san) She is so kind to us. We went to Osu again to visit recycle-shop, went to Big camera and Tokyu-hands at Nagoya station. We did some shopping. Then go back to get change go to good-bye party. Unfortunately, in the party we got news that JAL-had been delayed our flight for 1 day. So Yamakuchi had to arrange host family for us another 1 night. Nobody sad! We all happy to stay more another day. My host family (Junko-mama) took me and my partner (Oh-chan) back to stayed with her. She was so kind to us. I really had a precious time during my stay with her.

26 Aug (Fri) (Nagoya castle)
We left View Aichi about 11.00 and went to Nagoya Castle, so beautiful. Inside the Castle, there are museum.  Then we went to Osu (again) to do last shopping there) then the bus took us back to Tokoname. I stayed with Junko-mama again. They took 6 of us to have dinner at restaurant, I had Sushi set which is very delicious.

27 Aug (Sat) (Tokoname yaki-mono)
We went to Tokoname yakimono market, becuase there having firework festival on Sat-Sun, a lot of shops sale in this market. We spend time about 3 hrs. there, then go back to packing all stuffs for leaving tonight. Went to Airport about 4 pm. Everybody come and check in, I was leaving Japanese with tear. (Hopefully, I will have a chance to come back again) During the flight, I slept almost of the time, so tried. about 11pm. we arrived Bangkok safely. I know that I could not go to work tomorrow for sure. My body lose control. ^-^

That was my precious time in Japan.
Thank you for all people who support, join, arrange this program.
Thank you for all friendship we have.
Hopefully will see all of you again (soon).

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